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After working his way through college in the construction industry, Shaun lost the hardhat for a computer to become one of @properties top real estate agents. With his valuable construction knowledge and his "you name it you got it" attitude, you are assured to have a successful real estate experience along with top tier customer service.

Shaun graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Special Education. Coming from a family of builders, he never quite lost the appetite for working around houses. Deciding to become a realtor was a natural choice for Shaun, it allows him to combine an individualized approach for each client along with his wealth of construction knowledge.

Shaun prides himself on knowing the inventory inside and out and is particularly successful at representing both sellers and buyers in traditional and pre-listed sales. He has realtor relationships with agents in all companies, helping him sell homes before they come on the market. And for buyers, he is often made aware of homes for sale long before they ever hit the market.

His secret to success continues to be his honesty and integrity. Shaun remains motivated and enthusiastic. You'll find yourself at ease with his "no pressure" personality; a refreshing change that his clients really appreciate. With that said it's important not to mistake his kindness for weakness. Shaun's ability to recognize when to think outside the box is spot on. His high percentage of winning multiple offers for buyers and for keeping contracts together when situations get tough with sellers is tremendous. With over a decade of experience and over $200,000,000 in closed volume you can be rest assured you are in good hands with Shaun.

If you're looking for a tech savvy, 24/7 realtor, Shaun's your man. You only need to read the great reviews from his satisfied clients to know that Shaun will be your best realtor to help educate you while making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Clients are saying:

"If I’m being honest, this is a challenging review to write. It’s difficult to wholly articulate Shaun’s superior service and how his diverse skill sets have benefited our family’s home purchases for the last 15 years without turning this into a seven-page summation.

Apart from his reputation as one of the top real estate professionals in the region, Shaun brings a broad knowledge of first-class home building/remodeling and inspection support that he draws from his family’s businesses. Like most, when my husband and I walked into a home and fleetingly observed the aesthetics of the space, Shaun directed his attention to the more critical components of home – the foundation, possible sinkage in the backyard, electrical, an evaluation of the sump pump, the true condition and lifespan of the appliances, etc. Let me tell you, what a buzz kill to fall in love with a home only to have Shaun grab us by the shoulders and tell us to run for the hills because it showed early signs of a crippling foundation that would become an eventual money pit. Only now am I grateful for Shaun’s insistence that we refocus our attention to other houses on the market, because it led us to our forever home.

The process of home buying can oftentimes be a whirlwind of exhaustion, disappointment and also the inevitable: forced patience (a trait in which I am severely deficient). Had it not been for Shaun’s calm and collected determination that we continue to search for the best home, even when we thought we had located it, we wouldn’t be where we are today in a space we will surely remain for many decades.

As we entered conversations with the seller’s agent, Shaun was a consummate cheerleader and counselor to ensure we put our best foot forward in the negotiations, and did so with grace and integrity. I’d liken him to a protective big brother but also the knowledgeable dad who will only settle for what’s best for his “kids.”

Shaun, please trust how much we will forever appreciate your guidance, time (so much time!) and willingness to knowledge-share, which brought us to this place we can only call home because of you. We are more grateful than you’ll ever know.

-The Bradfords"