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Shaun Raugstad



Overall 5 star rating out of 23 reviews

"If I’m being honest, this is a challenging review to write. It’s difficult to wholly articulate Shaun’s superior service and how his diverse skill sets have benefited our family’s home purchases for the last 15 years without turning this into a seven-page summation.

Apart from his reputation as one of the top real estate professionals in the region, Shaun brings a broad knowledge of first-class home building/remodeling and inspection support that he draws from his family’s businesses. Like most, when my husband and I walked into a home and fleetingly observed the aesthetics of the space, Shaun directed his attention to the more critical components of home – the foundation, possible sinkage in the backyard, electrical, an evaluation of the sump pump, the true condition and lifespan of the appliances, etc. Let me tell you, what a buzz kill to fall in love with a home only to have Shaun grab us by the shoulders and tell us to run for the hills because it showed early signs of a crippling foundation that would become an eventual money pit. Only now am I grateful for Shaun’s insistence that we refocus our attention to other houses on the market, because it led us to our forever home.

The process of home buying can oftentimes be a whirlwind of exhaustion, disappointment and also the inevitable: forced patience (a trait in which I am severely deficient). Had it not been for Shaun’s calm and collected determination that we continue to search for the best home, even when we thought we had located it, we wouldn’t be where we are today in a space we will surely remain for many decades.

As we entered conversations with the seller’s agent, Shaun was a consummate cheerleader and counselor to ensure we put our best foot forward in the negotiations, and did so with grace and integrity. I’d liken him to a protective big brother but also the knowledgeable dad who will only settle for what’s best for his “kids.”

Shaun, please trust how much we will forever appreciate your guidance, time (so much time!) and willingness to knowledge-share, which brought us to this place we can only call home because of you. We are more grateful than you’ll ever know.

-The Bradfords"

"Shaun is hard-working and knowledgeable, not just about the real estate market but also about home construction and maintenance, which is incredibly valuable when you're looking to buy a home. As a first-time home buyer Shaun was an invaluable resource before and after the purchase of our home. He is highly recommended."

"Shaun is amazing. His knowledge of North Shore real estate, lots and contractors is beyond unbelievable. He is extremely attentive and makes you feel like you are his only client. He really knows his stuff and will help you make practical but educated decisions. In my opinion he is the best."

"We were fortunate to meet Shaun at an open house in the NW suburbs last summer. He set us up with daily house listing emails in the price range and neighborhoods we wanted, and our unofficial house search began. Shaun provided us with helpful feedback each time we sent him a listing we were interested in (even if it wasn’t what we wanted to hear) and was able to set up showings right away. We looked at about 20 houses together before we ended up purchasing almost a year later, and he was extremely patient and personable every step of the way.

Being a first-time home buyer is intimidating to say the least, but Shaun expertly guided us through the entire process and kept in touch after the closing. He is thorough and committed to making the most strategic decisions for his clients. There was so much he did behind the scenes to make it a seamless experience - we learned so much from him!

Simply put: Shaun is a true professional that goes the extra mile. His vast knowledge of the housing market, construction background, and his natural ability to simplify every concept is unmatched. It’s like working with someone you’ve known for years. Highly recommend."

"I would give Shaun the highest possible recommendation. He was professional, attentive, and went above and beyond what a realtor is required to do. He responded to our texts and calls within minutes, and did his best to make scheduling showings convenient for our schedule. His knowledge of the Glenview market is impeccable, and he does his best to make sure his information is accurate and fair. Above all, he was a calm voice of reason, and he made what could have been a very stressful experience a pleasant one!"

"Shaun was extremely patient, personable and knowledgeable as he worked with us to sell our condo and then buy a single family house. He was honest in his assessment of what our condo would sell for but didn't try to rush the process; he tried his best to balance our desire to sell quickly at the best price available. While evaluating houses to buy he was especially helpful in assessing the cost and practicality of making renovations to houses that were in our preferred neighborhood but needed upgrades to meet our needs. He has a lot of knowledge about the contruction/renovation of houses and it shows - all of his answers to our questions about the home we ended up purchasing were verified by the (independent) contractor we brought in to perform the renovation work we wanted. He's remained helpful even after the closing, answering additional questions we had quickly.

Overall Shaun is very easy to work with, quick to respond to questions, concerns, requests for showings, and was happy to match our pace with his no-pressure approach while moving aggressively when we needed him to."

"Shaun was outstanding! He immediately responded to my calls/texts, knew the area very well, and helped me get a great price. That's what I expect from a true professional. What I did not expect was: tremendous knowledge & experience in rehabbing as well as a willingness to do a "supplemental" home inspection with the hired inspector. Shaun even offered the names of contractors and handymen--after I asked. Never pushy and always honest, I wholeheartedly recommend Shaun."

"Shaun is an excellent realtor! He's an easy going, honest, no frills guy whose knowledge of real estate goes far far beyond buying and selling homes. Shaun found us the perfect home for our family and we're forever grateful for the time and care he put forth to make the entire process smooth. Shaun's attention to detail is amazing. The service he provides is well beyond his duty. By the time we finalized everything with Shaun we considered him a friend. Yes, you can find hard workers out there, but you don't always find a person with such special interpersonal skills. Shaun has that perfect combination of "he loves what he does for a living" and has very real and accurate intuitions that aid him in all aspects. We will never use another realtor again. He's stuck with us!"

"Shaun was a big help while I was looking at houses. I was unable to purchase one at this time due to financial situations, but he was very accommodating. I plan on using him when I start looking again!

""I have worked with Shaun on many real estate transactions and it is always a pleasure. Shaun is highly involved in the transaction from beginning to end which always makes for a smooth transaction. I have recommended Shaun to colleagues, friends, and family and will continue to do so.""

"Our realtor Shaun is very responsive, proactive and professional. I’m an executive with a large global company and spend much of my time recruiting just the right people. We were delighted with Shaun throughout our process and he was everything we wanted in a realtor. When we met Shaun, we were hoping to move from the City of Chicago to a home in the Glenview school district because of its reputation for serving kids with special needs. As long-time residents of the City, we didn’t really know the Glenview area and found there were so many different neighborhoods with different personalities. Shaun is experienced with the Glenview area as well as the surrounding communities. He helped us narrow down our search to 3 specific areas and then alerted us to presales. He has good relationships with other realtors in the area and got us into homes quickly so we didn’t miss any opportunities.

Shaun has an impressive network. In addition to his network or realtors, he also helped us to network with parents of kids with special needs so we could ask questions about the schools and neighborhood services. He grew up in the building trade and has a network of contractors and other service providers that we are using now in our new home. His detailed knowledge of the building trade also was helpful to us as we evaluated homes.

Shaun has an excellent understanding of pricing in the market and which properties would sell quickly, as well as why particular properties had been on the market for a long time and weren’t selling. He enjoys negotiating and his advice was helpful every step of the way.

I should add that we closed on our new home 2 weeks ago and are delighted with the help Shaun provided during the process to secure the house. He offers after-sale support and is sticking with us now as we work through some final issues/renovations. I would highly recommend Shaun."

"IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN SHAUN RAUGSTAD WHEN IT COMES TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS. PERIOD! I have come across and worked with tons of agents in my days as a high volume mortgage loan officer, but never with anyone on Shaun's level. This guy is in a different league. He wasn't even one of my previous contacts, but I'm glad we met. Shaun made sure that my home buying process was low-pressure, stress-free and seamless. He is very diligent and responsive. Shaun just has a way of making you feel like you're his top priority, while he expertly handles several other transactions behind the scenes. Shaun knows the business inside and out and it feels like it comes so natural to him. I could get really cheesy and write about all the great things he does for hours, but I guess the best way I could put it is that when you work with Shaun, it feels like you're being helped by that most trusted friend you've known for ages. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING, SHAUN!!! - Kris"

"We were referred to Shaun by close friends, as we were beginning to explore selling our home and making a local move. Within three months, we bought a house, sold a house, and all through exclusive listings. Shaun's relationships with other realtors made this possible. He found our new home, got us in for a tour, and three days later we were under contract. Shaun then turned around and sold our old home in four days. Furthermore, given Shaun's background, he has an excellent understanding of home construction. He looks at homes with a critical eye; we felt we sold our home in excellent condition and that our new home was of excellent value. Finally, Shaun is honest and works with integrity. He doesn't give lip service just to close the deal. Without reservation, we would recommend Shaun."

"Shaun helped us both buy and sell homes in Glenview. I honestly wish I was in a position to buy homes repeatedly, because the experience of working with Shaun is so good.

I can attest that Shaun has a ton of experience with Glenview, and is always completely transparent about what's good and what's not. In addition, he has a network of great associates, from builders to inspectors to other craftsmen, with whom it's been a pleasure to work.

You really can't go wrong working with Shaun, and it's a huge pleasure to recommend him to others."

"Shaun showed me every house I asked to see. After finding one and having my bid accepted I changed my mind, backed out and bought a different house. Not a good thing but Shaun kindly handled everything and everyone. I recommend him highly."

"My husband and I were committed to finding an excellent realtor for our home search process and we are so glad a friend put us in touch with Shaun. Shaun is an excellent realtor for so many reasons. He is extremely knowledgable about the north shore in general, ( we focused on glenview and northbrook ), and can give you a good idea of what all the different neighborhoods are like. He knows all the inventory that's out there. He was able to set up showings quickly as well as accommodate our schedule for seeing homes on the market. He is always easy to get in touch with. He gave us helpful hints about homes we may prioritize over others and we fully trusted his opinion. He is never pushy, very patient and overall a great person to be around and learn from when buying a home.

Moreover, Shaun has a great understanding of construction. Specifically, he gave us a ton of information on topics like insulation, drywall, paint, flooring, heating/cooling systems, drainage etc. He even brought in other consultants to help clarify certain issues in the home. He is extremely well connected in the area.

We had a difficult situation with our seller who attempted to back out of his contract as we were nearing our closing date. During that stressful time, Shaun was an excellent advocate for us. He spent hours guiding us through our best strategy and stayed in close contact with us and our lawyer every step of the way. He is very respectful of others but knows when it is appropriate to fight for his clients... and we so appreciate him for that! We ended up closing on the house and we owe a lot of that to his hard work! We are still in touch and he is still involved in getting us settled in our home by providing contractors contacts, advice on pricing of various items etc. Basically, Shaun is way more than just a great realtor - he is someone you will learn so much from and really enjoy spending time with."

"Shaun Raugstad was our Realtor for both the purchase of a new home and the sale of our current home, so we have had a lot of contact with Shaun. Our experience as both the Buyer and Seller of property has been an emotional rollercoaster, but with Shaun as our guide, confidant, advisor, and ultimately friend, the overall experience has been extremely positive. We initially had a hesitation about a “sole realtor” as opposed to the “teams of realtors”. We found that his personal relationship with us and his work ethic is extraordinary.
There are many qualities we like and admire in Shaun, but we have decided to write about 2 of them that we most appreciated.
1. Integrity:
Beyond a doubt Shaun’s sense of self is guided by that “inner voice”, the moral compass that steers all his decisions and advice. There are many sticky situations that come up during both the buying and the selling processes. Every time he would carefully consider the options for an appropriate response/strategy, and then give us his advice, even when it was not something we wanted to hear. We found his ability to tread these choppy waters exceptional.

2. Knowledge, Skill, and Ability in the Real Estate Market:
It was quickly apparent to us that Shaun has a vast knowledge of the RE Market, especially in the North Shore of Chicago. But he also has an extraordinary cadre of trusted contactors who can provide the myriad list of services a home seller may need. It is amazing how much he knows about home construction, if something is a deal breaker or if it is easily repaired within a reasonable cost. During our purchase, we relied on Shaun to guide us in our offer strategy. After agonizing days of negotiation we finalized a deal. His advice on the wording of the contract, the contingencies that would be viable, etc was, without a doubt critical, to our successful negotiation. He was with us every step of the way: offer, house inspection, attorney review, mortgage approval, follow-up on inspection check list, final walk through to purchase day.
The sale of our home was a more difficult process but Shaun never wavered in the quality of is advice and his availability to get our house sold. From pricing strategies to proactive home repairs, he continued to provide the advice we needed to get the home sold. He was always available when we needed him even calling me from Mexico. His advice regarding how to respond to lowball offers was absolutely spot on. We were inclined (insulted really) by such an offer. We wanted to ignore it but he convinced us that we needed to counter offer and treat it as a “real” offer since you never knew who the ultimate buyer would be. And he was right. These same people eventually purchased our home. Without his advice and convincing we could easily have blown it. His people skills and his ability to anticipate our response and
calm us down was invaluable. He provided perspective when we had lost ours. He is truly a trusted advisor in the real estate world!"

"I am a commercial real estate professional in Boulder Colorado. I had an investment residence in Niles, Illinois that I wished to sell but the tenants were very uncooperative and I needed a residential real estate agent to handle the listing and sale of this property. Shaun was the agent when I purchased this residence when I purchased the residence in 2009 so I called him to list the property. He was AMAZING!! The tenant was terrible and we subsequently were forced to evict,Shaun was my representative with them and upon their contentious departure he brought in contractors, managed everything that I needed from hiring cleaning crews, plumber, carpenter, electrician, landscaper....everything. And by the way, he sold the house. Shaun worked closely with my lawyer and made this long distance sale a breeze for me. He is strongly recommended."

"Shaun was referred to us by a friend and helped us to purchase our first house. I would recommend him without reservations to anyone that asked. His background in construction is a huge plus to us and he was knowledgeable about all kinds of stuff when evaluating houses. Windows, floors, cabinets, he knows his stuff. He started off asking for us to pick some houses and cities to get a sense of what we were looking for. Later, after he got to know us and we had seen some houses in person, he was happy to pick a few he thought we'd like. One of those we ended up purchasing. We looked at about 30 houses in person and Shaun was patient and friendly without fail. Once we picked a house, he helped us in crafting and considering offers. Eventually, he attended the inspection with us and helped us resolve an issue that came up with the house. Beginning to end, Shaun was unfailingly professional, capable, and friendly. A great realtor, and a great guy."

"Shaun is #1 all around!! He helped us buy a home this year and has also helped us sell a home and find a rental in the past few years as well. We had very specific requirements and our needs changed often, but Shaun was AWESOME from start to finish. He was super patient as we dragged him around several cities to do showings on all kinds of properties. He knew the pros and cons of every neighborhood we went to. His construction/builders knowledge was an added bonus as he could point out several potential issues (and upgrades too!) that we never would have noticed on our own. As buyers in our most recent transaction with him, we ended up in a multiple offer situation and his expertise helped us "win" our perfect home after months of searching. His personality is great too..super easy to talk to, always helpful and highly regarded in the industry. If you want an outstanding agent, Shaun is your guy!!"

"I have worked with Shaun for many months trying to find a house. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful and helpful he has been. Never once did I feel pressured, and he never made me feel like I was asking too much of him even at times when I gave him very little notice about going to see a home. He is friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the local market and about houses in general, which was very helpful for me. He always had my best interest in mind, even when it was not in his best interest. He is trustworthy and ethical and has been at this for many years. I give him my absolute highest recommendation! Fantastic!"

"Shaun’s easy going and good-natured approach combined with flexibility and ability to customize his work to our desires made him the perfect realtor for our search for a new home. As the CEO for a multi-state organization with more than 1500 employees, my time is precious – and Shaun really came through. Not only did he spend the time (including picking up my wife at the airport), but his market insights proved valuable as we compared new construction options with purchasing an existing home. Having lived in GA, CA, TX, MO, and now IL, I’ve worked with a number of realtors. If you’re looking for an attentive and trustworthy partner in your next home search in Chicagoland, you are looking for Shaun!"

"I give Shaun the highest possible recommendation. Throughout the process, Shaun was incredibly knowledgeable, well informed, and responsive. He acted professionally from our initial showings all the way through the closing. If you are looking for a true expert, Shaun is the right person for you."