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Specializing in Chicago area real estate, Simone Feitosa Bhatia has over 10 years in sales. Her strong background in customer service compliments her dedication to delivering quality service to her clients.

A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Simone fell in love with the energy and diversity of Chicago when she moved to West Loop in 2015. While exploring various neighborhoods in search of a place to call home, she discovered a passion for real estate which inspired her to take her customer service skills to a whole new level. She has recently joined the stellar team of agents @properties.

Simone finds deep satisfaction in helping people. She is committed to leading you every step of the way on your journey to help you find the best place that you can call home. Contact me for success in Chicago real estate!


Clients are saying:

"I was a first time home buyer. Simone was an excellent agent who guided me in every step of the way. I felt so comfortable with her that even now that the transaction is done, I know I can count on her assistance with anything related to my home purchase as I have done a few times. I highly recommend her."