Tanner Dewitt

Tanner Dewitt


About Me

Tanner is part of the Brian Grossman group here with @properties. The team possesses over 50+ years of experience! Additionally, the Brian Grossman team has over $500 million in real estate transactions! This experience allows us to help fix any problems that might come your way when buying or selling your home! The team is very experienced with working in all Chicagoland areas.


While completing his MBA, Tanner developed business and personal skills to help clients throughout the entire home buying process. "As a teaching assistant at the collegiate level, I understand the stress and pressure that can be placed on an individual when high amounts of money/resources are at stake!" Tanner believes in developing a detailed plan of attack to help control the difficult process of finding the perfect home for you and your family! 


As an advantage to his buyers and sellers, Tanner has experience with property management. This helps you better understand the property's true value before buying or selling your home. Along with his management experience, Tanner's background in teaching helps both parties in any transaction. Realtors and teachers share many personal skills, such as patience and consistent effort in order to find and obtain a home with great value for you.  


When not working in Real Estate, Tanner is also a motivational speaker.  His hopes are to spread positive insight to help people get through stressful/tough times. This includes visiting universities and businesses to help like-minded people find positive perspectives to create a better social/work environment for all! Check out his Facebook Tanner Dewitt or Instagram @talk_to_tanner for free and quick messages that hopefully can help turn your bad day into a good one!