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For more than 25 years, agent Tricia Konrath has helped countless clients navigate the real estate industry throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Her knowledge and work ethic paired with her extensive experience in the appraisal process, make her an essential member of the Chicago Home Brokerage Network team at @properties.  While representing a varied clientele, Tricia also serves the First Responder Community, living in a family of CPD and CFD members, Tricia understands our First Responder needs and specializes in fiding the perfect home for Chicago's Best!

Friendly but tough, Tricia fights to get the best deal for all her clients and she hopes you will be one of them.

Clients are saying:

"People were shocked at how quickly and easily our home buying process was and I can only attribute that to Trish. My wife and I cannot stress enough how grateful we were to have her guide us through the process and only recommend what was best for us. Could not ask for a better experience!"