@properties Stands Against Racism

@properties is against racism in all its forms. As Chicago’s leading real estate firm, we acknowledge the powerful role that real estate must play in promoting racial equality, and we embrace our responsibility to take a stand on important issues of race in this moment and beyond.


@properties has always promoted a culture of tolerance, equality and love. We are 3,000+ human beings of different races, religions, nationalities, beliefs, and backgrounds. And we have always worked together to support each other, to support our communities, and to promote fairness in housing. But we acknowledge that we can and must do more.


The uncomfortable truth is that throughout our nation’s history, the real estate industry has played a role in the engenderment of discrimination and segregation. In cities and towns throughout America, this reality and its consequences are starkly visible. Now is the time for our company, and for all companies with a conscience, to push for change.


Change starts from within, and @properties will begin by forming a minority council of real estate agents and staff members to focus on issues of inequality and discrimination. We are also announcing a new partnership between our nonprofit foundation, @gives back, and SocialWorks, the organization founded by Chicagoan Chance The Rapper to empower underprivileged youth in Chicago.


Today, we stand with our Black agents and staff members in sharing the outrage, frustration and sadness over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others who have been senselessly killed as a result of systemic racism in America. And we pledge to all of our agents and staff members, as well as our clients, communities and our industry that @properties will be an example of the work required to realize true and lasting change.