How to Find a Home in the Right School District

Finding the perfect home when you have school-aged students can be extremely frustrating. How many times have you found the house of your dreams just to discover that it’s one block outside of your preferred school’s boundary? Too many.

Luckily for you, on, you can use our advance search functions to search by school!

1. On, click the ‘More Options’ button and then the ‘Schools’ tab.


2. Type in the school or school district of your choosing. You can also use the search features to refine your search by neighborhood, price, beds, etc.



3. Our site will automatically populate some of the houses within the school’s boundaries and once you click “View All,’ you’ll be able to browse through all the listings within the schools boundaries.



4. Once you select a property, on the ‘Schools’ tab you can view all the schools associated with this property.



5. If you click through to one of the schools, we’ll show you the school’s general information, where the property and school are in relation to each other.

school page


6. Our School pages also feature a ton of great information sourced directly from the National Center for Education Statistics. 


So get searching for that perfect home in the school district of your choosing!

Written by @properties
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