Enter to win #ispybullstickets

Want to win a pair of Chicago Bulls tickets? Join us on Twitter for a game of ‘I Spy!’

We’ll be tweeting out clues to a specific @properties listing, so head to our site and tweet which property you think is the one we spy.  Every listing you tweet is one entry into the raffle and the first person to guess the correct listing gets 10 additional entries into the raffle.

How to play:

1. Follow us on Twitter at @properties for clues throughout the day.



2. Go on our website and search for which property we might be spying.



3. To guess a property, tweet the listing tagging @properties and #ispybullstickets.


That’s it! You’ve submitted one entry into our #ispybullstickets raffle!

Official Rules:

  1. Tweets must include link to a listing on @properties.com and tag @properties and #ispybullstickets
  2. For multiple entries, user must tweet different listings
  3. Maximum 10 entries per person per day
  4. Tweet entries will be accepted until midnight CST
  5. Winner will be announced by noon the following day.
Written by @properties
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