@ Loves Local: Graham’s 318 Coffee House

@ Loves Local is headed to Geneva! On Wednesday, June 15th from 9:00am-11:00pm, get a come and pick up 16 oz (medium) daily roast and a donut (vegan, chocolate, or vanilla) of your choice on us at Graham’s 318 Coffee House, located at 318 S. 3rd St., Geneva, IL 60134. Simply mention @properties, ProperRate or @ Loves Local when ordering to redeem.

Graham’s 318 Coffee House is a local favorite with its welcoming atmosphere and delicious, daily roast and a various donuts from vegan, chocolate and vanilla! We talked to the owner, Jayni Wunderlich, for a look into their story.

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate: When was Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse created?

Graham’s 318 Coffee House: “Graham’s 318 first opened on October 27th, 2005. We started just as a coffee shop with gelato & chocolate fondue.”

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate: What is the back story to opening Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse?

Graham’s 318 Coffee House: “318 Coffee House, before we opened it, was actually a jewelry and trinket shop called The Lindsey Collection. Bob Untiedt, our founder and my father, who also started Graham’s Chocolates in 1987 was friends with a lot of the building and shop owners on 3rd Street here and told Mr. Lindsey that if he ever wanted to retire and sell the building, to let Bob know. So one day, Mr. Lindsey approached Bob because he wanted to retire and would like to sell the building to him because he knew Bob had great visions and a heart for the community of Geneva. After Bob and his wife, Beckie, had traveled to Europe they thought of potentially owning a quaint coffee shop so they could also serve chocolate in a different way as well (chocolate fondue), so the idea of 318 Coffee House was born. We called it 318 (pronounced Three-Eighteen by our staff here) because that is the address. In 2019, we were closed the entire year to add on a 2-story renovation to the shop for additional seating and a larger pastry kitchen, plus an event space. We re-opened in February of 2022, opened for only 3 weeks before the pandemic hit, so we are just now seeing the potential of this new location and are so happy to be back to work.”

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate: What is your favorite drink or pastry/treat?

Graham’s 318 Coffee House: “My favorite drink would have to be either a Chai Coffskee (a blend of chai and espresso) or our Frozen Hot Chocolate. My favorite pastry would be our homemade filled donuts or our homemade quiche.”

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate: What is your favorite part of owning Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse?

Graham’s 318 Coffee House: “My favorite part of being CEO of this coffee shop since my dad passed away last year is the look on the faces of the children who come in and try our yummy donuts. Seeing their wide-eyed smiles reminds me why we are doing what we do, and also takes me back to being a child growing up in this family business and remembering coming to work with my mom and dad, sneaking chocolate treats and ice cream. It is a really fun family business to be a part of!”

The Details

Visit Graham’s 318 Coffee House location on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, 9am-11am CT for a 16 oz (medium) daily roast and a donut (vegan, chocolate, or vanilla) on the @ tab* (paid for by @properties Christie’s International Real Estate and ProperRate), just mention @properties, ProperRate or @ Loves Local!

Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse – 318 S. 3rd St., Geneva, IL 60134

Be sure to follow @atproperties and @318coffeehouse on Instagram and use our hashtag #AtLovesLocal when you visit.

*Limit one 16 oz (medium) daily roast and a donut (vegan, chocolate, or vanilla).*

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