What's Next: @report preview
Mar 2nd, 2017

Virtual reality, interior design and digital marketing are a few topics of discussion in the highly anticipated 2017 @report.

What's Next: @report preview

Just about the time pitchers and catchers are reporting to Arizona, the @properties Developer Services team is knee-deep in research and analysis for our annual @report. The 2017 @report will include viewpoints from some prominent guest contributors on topics relating to innovations in technology, marketing and design. Here’s a sneak preview of upcoming @report features.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in real estate marketing is here now and it’s here to stay. One of the creative studios at the forefront of this fully immersive, 3D technology is San Francisco-based Transparent House. Company founder, Denis Krylov, and senior producer, David Scott, will take us through a fascinating discussion of VR and its applications for real estate.

Interior Design

In today’s luxury new-construction market, every square foot of space must demonstrate functionality and value. That’s why a team approach to programming – involving developers, architects, sales, and interior design – has become so important. One of the most talented and development-savvy designers in the business is Kara Mann, founder and creative director of her namesake firm. In the @report, Kara reveals a few of her favorite floor plan hacks, and identifies design trends that will set your next project apart.

Digital Marketing

We first met Aalap Shah in the summer of 2013, when marketers were just starting to try to corral this phenomenon called social media. Today, Shah and his digital marketing agency, SoMe, are masters at pulling the levers that drive consumers from the far-flung corners of the Web to restaurants, retail outlets and residential sales centers. In the @report, Shah writes about the (very near) future of search-engine and social-media marketing.

Watch for the 2017 @report in late March.


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