Development Consulting

@properties is much more than a leading sales organization — we are a full-service strategic partner, offering a highly consultative approach to development marketing and sales. To minimize risk and maximize returns, we work with you from the earliest stages of a development to provide detailed market, product and competitive analysis; trend analysis; and sales and marketing plans. Our strategies are based on extensive researchexperience and the collective knowledge base of more than 1,500 @properties brokers in the field.


Market analysis

Provides a sound understanding of trends, challenges and opportunities. Informs product positioning and sales strategy.

  • Price trends
  • Inventory/absorption
  • Buyer profiles
  • Supply and demand
  • Market liquidity
  • Design trends

Competitive analysis

Comprehensive analysis of competing properties based on sales data, first-hand knowledge and input from brokers in the field.

  • Property condition
  • Features
  • Transaction activity
  • Pricing
  • Amenities

Product analysis

@properties works with developers, architects and designers to refine your product for the highest and most efficient sellout possible. Our analysis typically includes:

  • Unit mix
  • Interior finish specification and review
  • Floor plan recommendation/evaluation
  • Common area amenity specification review
  • View/floor premium analysis

Sales & marketing strategy

@properties works with developers in planning all facets of the sales and marketing program.

  • Pricing
  • Preferred lenders and mortgage financing programs
  • Unit upgrades
  • Critical path development
  • Product launch strategy
  • Advertising and promotion

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