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Making a positive impact on communities and lives throughout Chicagoland


About @gives back

Endowed in 2009 by @properties co-founders, Mike Golden and Thaddeus Wong, the @gives back Community Fund provides an outlet for agents, employees, and colleagues to make a positive impact on dozens of communities and thousands of lives throughout Chicagoland.


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@gives back Community Fund was created out of the desire to give back to Chicago and to help support the city that has allowed our company to grow and prosper during even the most challenging of economic times.


We believe that together with our agents and clients we can create change and growth in the neighborhoods in which we live and work. @properties is working to improve the quality of life for those found in unfortunate circumstances, by supporting programs that focus on helping people in times of need.




Each year through @properties agent submissions, we identify a local organization that meets our same mission of improving the lives of families in need in Chicago.


2020: SocialWorks with Chance the Rapper


Social Works Logo

At @properties, we believe the work to create a healthier, peaceful and just place begins at home, and that is why we are excited and humbled to announce our 2020 partnership between @gives back and SocialWorks, the non-profit founded by Chicago native Chance the Rapper. 

Please join us this year in showing your support for this dynamic organization. Together, we will empower the young people of Chicago through arts, education and civic engagement. 



2019: The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation


The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation

After Lynn Sage lost her battle with breast cancer at age 39, the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation was established to fund the understanding, research and treatment of breast cancer in her honor. Through the help of all our generous donors, we were able to raise $100,000 for the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation .




2018: The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation


The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation


During his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo realized that no matter how difficult it was for him to fight the disease, it was even more difficult for his family. In 2012, Anthony created The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for cancer research and provides support to families with children battling cancer. For more information about the organization, visit rizzo44.com.





Board of Directors

The @gives back Board is comprised of @properties agents, employees, and colleagues.

Executive Board

  • Kourtney N. Murray - President
  • Kate Boyle - Vice President
  • Lindsay Guhl - Broker
  • Ted Pickus - Broker
  • Bari Levine - Broker
  • Carrie Goodman – Broker
  • Elena Theodoros - Broker
  • Melanie Carlson - Broker 
  • Kelli Fogarty – Fogarty & Fugate  
  • Michael Sherman - Chief Financial Officer
  • Natasha Patla – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Andrea Mohr - Director of Events
  • Laura Perez - Office Manager
  • Melissa Davis - Modern Luxury
  • Mike Nielsen - Proper Rate
  • Sabrina Bier - Proper Title