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About Beach Park

Beach Park was a bit of a late bloomer. The community dates back to 1908 but it wasn’t until 1989 that it incorporated as a village.

The northeastern Lake County village started as a stop on the Chicago to Milwaukee railroad.

In the 1920s, the F.H. Bartlett Co. of Chicago came to the area, purchased and subdivided land. Bartlett advertised the parcels as “country living for city residents” at the Chicago World’s Fair, attracting people by the busload.

The village still reflects Bartlett’s love of silent films with several streets that he named after silent movie starts including Fairbanks, Gish, Pickford and Chaplin.

The community started a school district and fire department but it wasn’t until there was talk of Waukegan annexing a large parcel of land cutting the community in half that it decided to incorporate.

When it incorporated the Village decreed there would be no real estate tax and few services to preserve its way of life. Today about a third of the village is supplied with municipal water and sewer and all roads have been paved and a majority of drainage issues resolved. And to this day, the village levies no real estate taxes.