Community Area: Grand Boulevard

Bronzeville Open Houses


About Bronzeville

Bronzeville has a rich cultural and architectural history.  

In its heyday, the South Side neighborhood was home to a host of famous musicians, intellectuals, artists, and writers such as Louis Armstrong, Ida B. Wells, and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Today, Bronzeville is experiencing a renewal as residents rediscover the neighborhood located in close proximity to Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago.  

The renewed energy around Bronzeville is evident in the single-family homes and duplexes popping up, as well as a boom of condominiums in the area. Meanwhile, many of the community’s historic brownstones and greystones have been renovated and restored to their original beauty.

Bronzeville also boasts a variety of restaurants, cafes, and art galleries that add to its appeal. Restored landmarks such as the Parkway Ballroom, as well as public art throughout the community, serve as reminders of the neighborhood's artistic background.