Carpentersville Open Houses


About Carpentersville

Sometimes you end up taking the road less followed; especially if the main road is flooded and impassible.

Julius Angelo Carpenter was traveling through the area with his dad and uncle when spring floods hit, forcing them to make camp along the east bank of the Fox River and wait it out. The floods receded but Carpenter decided to stay, and in 1851 he settled the area now known as the Village of Carpentersville.

Carpenter built the first store, bridge, and factory, and later served two terms in the Illinois House of Representatives. He was instrumental in bringing the Illinois Iron & Bolt Company foundry to the area and creating jobs for residents.

The community’s Library Hall is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and part of the Dundee Township Historic District. The Romanesque style building was built in the late 1890s as a memorial to Carpenter.

Today, Carpentersville is home to the Meadowdale Shopping Center, major grocery and home goods retailers, nurseries, movie theaters. Residents enjoy the outdoors with Carpenter Park and Raceway Woods Forest Preserve. The forest preserve was previously home to a popular automobile racetrack.