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About Greater Grand Crossing

Named for its proximity to a historic railroad intersection, Greater Grand Crossing is a community made up of small pocket neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side.

Since the community’s inception at the turn of the 20th century, homes in the popular bungalow style have been a mainstay. But a recent renewal in the area has seen an uptick in renovated multi-unit buildings, as well as updated single-family homes. At the heart of this revitalization is the Park Manor neighborhood, which features rows of homes and rental properties and is known for several architectural gems.

A draw for all ages, Greater Grand Crossing Park is an 18-acre urban oasis with outdoor and indoor facilities including gymnasiums, fitness center, woodshop, multi-purpose rooms, baseball and football fields, tennis courts, and a playground.

In a nod to its artistic past, Greater Grand Crossing is also home to several art galleries. Stony Island Arts Bank features archives of published works by local authors, vinyl collections from famous musicians, as well as rotating exhibitions guests can enjoy throughout the year. Many of the local dining options are family owned, while cocktail lounges come alive with the sounds of jazz and blues bands.