Cedar Lake

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About Cedar Lake

Named for the lake that helped make it a popular destination for vacation as well as permanent residences, Cedar Lake is located in Northwest Indiana, less than an hour from downtown Chicago.

Cedar Lake was first settled in the mid-19th century by pioneers who came from the East Coast, initially drawn to the area by the pristine lake. In 1870, the town was officially incorporated when the Cedar Lake Post Office was established. In 1882, the Monon Railroad added a stop along the western shore of the lake, which brought many residents and tourists to the area, especially Chicagoans looking for an escape from the city. At its peak in the early 20th century, the lake had over 50 hotels along its shores.

The Hanover Community School Corporation, made up of four schools, operates in the Cedar Lake area. Jane Ball and Lincoln Elementary serve grades K-5, while Hanover Central Middle School serves grades 6-8. The three schools feed into Hanover Central High School. Cedar Lake is located a short distance from Interstates 65, 80, 90 and 94, with the Gary and Chicagoland airports offering transportation throughout the country and across the globe.

The crown jewel of the Cedar Lake community is the lake itself, a 794-acre lake popular for boating, fishing, sailing, swimming in the summer, and ice fishing in the winter. The town complex contains over 18 acres of parks, including over 6,000 feet of lake shore, picnic tables, gazebos, and a number of recreational fields. Cedar Lake hosts the annual SummerFest celebration, held every year in July, as well as Hometown Fest, held every September.