Lowell, IN Open Houses


About Lowell

Located less than an hour from downtown Chicago, Lowell is a historic town in Northwest Indiana. With a population steadily on the rise, Lowell has made an effort to preserve its small town Midwestern charm while still maintaining modern resources, making it an attractive destination for businesses.

The first settlers in Lowell were Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Arthur Halsted, who moved there from Lowell, Massachusetts, for which the town is named. Shortly after settling there, they constructed a house, school, church, and most importantly, a sawmill. The sawmill was critical to the expansion of Lowell, as it led others to settle there, who in turn, built more sawmills. As a result, milling was the predominant and virtually only industry for Lowell’s early inhabitants. On October 4, 1898, a fire destroyed much of downtown Lowell, and while it took the town a decade to fully recover, it has experienced increasing populations ever since.

The Tri-Creek School Corporation serves the community, with three elementary schools, Lowell Middle School, and Lowell Senior High School comprising the district. Two private schools, the Lowell Christian Academy and St. Edwards Catholic School, offer an alternative to the Lowell public school system. Lowell is located just off the Indiana Toll Road, and air travel is readily accessible through the Gary/Chicago International Airport. The Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) offers bus service six days a week across 19 different routes running through Lowell and the surrounding areas.

With a storied past, Lowell is home to a number of historic festivals, including the oldest Labor Day Parade in Indiana. The Buckley Homestead Days are some of the most popular events in Lowell, with the highlight being a World War II reenactment with authentic weapons, artillery and tanks. In September, the town participates in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, an event where the townsfolk search for “Ichabod Crain,” the only man who can tell them the true story of the Headless Horseman.