Kingsford Heights

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About Kingsford Heights

Located just off Lake Michigan in La Porte County, Kingsford Heights is a historical town rich in character and poised for growth in the future.

The area now known as Kingsford Heights was first settled during World War II to support the war effort. Known as “Victory City,” it was occupied by the thousands of people who worked in the nearby Kingsbury Ordinance Plant manufacturing ammunitions, or at Allis Chalmers making military vehicles. When the war ended, the government began to dissolve the city, but thanks to the actions of a few residents who wanted to see the town remain on the map, the Kingsford Corporation was formed in 1951. In 1954, after years of hard work, the Indianapolis Statehouse approved the new town, and Kingsford Heights was formed.

The city of Kingsford Heights is served by the La Porte Community School Corporation, with a dozen public primary schools and one public high school in the area. La Lumiere School, a private boarding school, once attended by Chief Justice John Roberts, is also located in the area. La Porte High School, with eight state baseball championships, is a state powerhouse, winning the most titles of any school in Indiana. Although there isn’t a train station in Kingsford Heights, daily Amtrak service to Chicago is available in both Michigan City and La Porte.

The Victory City festival is the largest attraction in Kingsford Heights, a yearly celebration remembering those who have served in our Armed Forces. La Porte County is known for its scenic parks and numerous Maple trees. With over a dozen parks and nine lakes, La Porte provides residents with an ideal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. In the summer, La Porte hosts The La Porte County Fair, the oldest in Indiana, as well as annual boat and bicycle races.