Rolling Prairie

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About Rolling Prairie

Just miles from Lake Michigan, in Northwest Indiana, Rolling Prairie is an unincorporated census-designated place in La Porte County. Thanks to its proximity to Chicago, it is a popular destination for weekend vacationers who come to enjoy the rolling dunes and pristine natural scenery.

Originally settled by the Potawatomi Native American tribe, La Porte County was founded in 1832 by French travelers who named it after the French word for “the door,” as it provided a gateway to land further west. As the original county was rather disjointed and unorganized, it took a number of annexations to bring La Porte to its current state. Starke County was annexed in 1842, and large sections of St. Joseph County were annexed in 1850, creating the boundaries that currently exist today. There is some dispute about the correct spelling of the county, whether it is “La Porte” or “LaPorte,” but both are widely accepted as being correct.

Residents of New Prairie are served by the New Prairie United School Corporation, which serves the greater New Carlisle area. A number of parochial schools serve the area, including: Marquette, La Lumiere, St. Stanislaus Kostka School, Queen of All Saints School, Notre Dame Catholic School, and St. Paul Lutheran School.

La Porte County is known for its scenic parks and numerous Maple trees. With over a dozen parks and nine lakes, La Porte provides residents with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. In the summer, La Porte hosts The La Porte County Fair, the oldest in Indiana, as well as annual boat and bicycle races. Amtrak service is available to Rolling Prairie residents from nearby Michigan City, as well as La Porte.