Dowagiac, MI Real Estate


About Dowagiac

The city of Dowagiac is known for its beautiful woods, flowing rivers and sightings of Big Foot.

We don’t know if Michigan Bigfoot (aka Dewey Lake Monster) was just visiting or made this a second home, as many do.

Reported sightings brought national attention and a throng of thrill-seekers, monster hunters and law enforcement to the area in 1964. To this day, the mystery remains unsolved.

Of course it’s no mystery why Dowagiac remains a popular destination for nature lovers and Chicagoans looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Area attractions include the Dowagiac River and the Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary, commonly known as Dowagiac Woods, a 235-acre area protected to preserve the natural habitats of endangered plants and animals.

The city is situated at the corner of four townships and takes its name from the Potawatomi word that means fishing (near home) water.

Dowagiac may be difficult to pronounce but it has made its appearance on the big screen more than once. The city is mentioned in the Alfred Hitchcock film, “North by Northwest”; and it is spelled phonetically as “DOW WAH JAKK” on a stock ticker in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Residents and visitors have plenty of transportation options including the Dowagiac Municipal Airport for private pilots; several highways; DART dial-a-ride bus service; and daily Amtrak train service to Chicago and Detroit.

The community is served by the Dowagiac Union School District including four elementary schools, one middle school and Dowagiac Union High School. The city also is home to Southwestern Michigan College, a two-year school with on-campus housing.