Grand Junction

Single Family Homes in Grand Junction


About Grand Junction

The community of Grand Junction was located at the junction of two railroad lines when it was settled in 1869. Only one rail line remains, but the community continues to thrive with blueberry farms and horse stables.

Located in Columbia Township in Southwest Michigan, Grand Junction is largely rural with farms and access to lakes. The community is popular with residents who want to enjoy quiet living.

Local businesses cater to all ages with wagon rides, playgrounds, gem mining and gift shops. A wide variety of produce is grown and picked here, from strawberries, blueberries and peaches to pumpkins, asparagus and corn. Local bakeries also offer fresh baked goods.

The Kal-Haven Trail State Park runs through Columbia Township, passing through Grand Junction.

Students attend schools in nearby communities including Bloomingdale, Bangor and South Haven.