Condos & Lofts in Streamwood


About Streamwood

The village of Streamwood was home to dozens of farms from the 1830s until the farms started to give way to suburbia in the 1950s.

The post-war housing boom started with a developer who brought in pre-assembled houses to meet the needs of veterans looking to settle in subdivisions with GI Bill financing.

A local contractor assembled the homes in less than two weeks. Suddenly there were enough homes and residents to qualify for incorporation in 1957.

Billed as the “Town of Tomorrow,” the northwest suburban community found progress had a tough time keeping up at first. The community banded together, staging protests to wrestle control from the builders who served as the town’s government, demanding better services and schools to accommodating the booming population. Eventually, new leadership was elected and focused more on building community than buildings.

The Streamwood Park District and library district were formed and new housing developments and shopping centers followed. The community’s Hoosier Grove Park and Park Place Family Recreation Center opened.

A major retail sector opened along Route 59 with the Sutton Park and Streamwood Crossing Shopping Centers offering major retailers and restaurants. Corporate centers and business parks expanded industrial and business opportunities.

The community has continued to grow with the addition of larger single-family and townhomes in addition to the original 1950s ranch-style homes.

True to its veteran heritage, the village built a veteran’s memorial in the heart of a new municipal campus.

The village is served by Elgin Area School District U46, the second largest district in the state. A small subdivision is served by School District 54 and Township District 211 high school.