Deeded Parking in Geneva


About Geneva

Located 90 miles from downtown Chicago in Walworth County, Geneva is a town of 4,000 in southeastern Wisconsin. Not to be confused with Lake Geneva, the town of Geneva contains the unincorporated communities of Como and Lake Como.

The first settler to arrive in Geneva was Christopher Payne, who came to Geneva in 1836 and eventually settled in Lake Como. Major settlement in the area did not begin until the latter stages of the 19th century when railroad companies began to make inroads into Wisconsin. The area became increasingly accessible to Chicagoans, who came to the area in droves and changed the complexion of the town forever.

Geneva is home to pristine wilderness areas and lakes including scenic Lake Como. Just south of the town is Geneva Lake, offering endless opportunity for aquatic sports and recreational activities such as boating, waterskiing, swimming, fishing, canoeing, paddle boarding, and beach-going. An array of restaurants can be found nearby, including The Next Door Pub and Ristorante Brissago.