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Having been a REALTOR since 2005, John has helped clients with a multitude of transactions, from $30,000 Short Sales to $3,000,000 luxury estates. The cornerstone of John's philosophy is to provide every client the same level of excellent service.


John began practicing real estate for personal investment, but his passion for the business quickly grew into selling homes for his personal and professional network. The key to his success has been education & knowledge. He ensures that clients and customers are equipped with the most current and relevant information to make well-educated decisions to help match everyone's needs. John also has extensive experience in relocation assistance, making him an ideal broker if you are either selling and relocating, or finding a home in greater Chicagoland.


John is a member of the Keppy Group within @properties. His customers and clients can take comfort in knowing that they are in good hands with a team of Brokers who have a proven track record and excellent marketing skills, providing them with the best information and services.



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