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Karen Pence




Karen graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BBA in finance and a specialty
in Real Estate. After graduating - being a native of down-state Illinois - she moved to
Austin, Texas where she spent seven years as a major account manager for a
communications company. There she learned the intangible secrets of excellent
customer service. Soon after, Karen launched her real estate career working for
one of the nations largest home builders; as a top producer, she gleaned knowledge
from every facet of the business. She received extensive training in construction
techniques, mortgage[s], blue prints, and other "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the
building process. This knowledge - in tandem with her already considerable customer
service skills - has allowed Karen to uniquely connect with her clients; she can clearly
and objectively see all sides of the issue. Whether it is the buyer/seller, the legalities
involved, or the complexities of building codes and compliance; Karen Pence is there
to ease the complete process therebyenhancing the experience for her client as she
ensures a positive outcome for all involved. Whether you are looking to buy your first
home, sell, or move up to the home of your dreams; Karen Pence is here for all of your
real estate needs. It is her personal philosophy to not just have a client for the moment,
but rather to create a client for life.



"We weren't sure about buying a home, but Karen was always there; we understood we

 could count on her. She showed us our options - how vast they were - and we realized

that having a home was not simply a possibility but a reality."

 "Karen made our purchase and transition to Chicago smoother then we could have

 imagined. The support and compassion as we acclimated to an unfamiliar city was


"As we were first time home buyers, the task was daunting to say the least; but Karen

was with us every step of the way. Always accessible to address any of our questions

or concerns and she was so helpful and informative when it came to making the

important choices that the stress, worry and fear of the process just melted away."


Karen grew up showing American Quarter Horses and traveling the country. Today, she lives in

North Center, and in her spare time enjoys various outdoor activities; such as tennis,

softball or adventures on Chicago's beautiful Lakefront with her faithful companions - Lucy the Fox hound and Shelby a Mini American Shephard.   Currently she is competing in Dog agility with Lucy.  

Karen remains active and connected with the city and it's people. Whether you are looking for a specific

view, or selling a home, with Karen on your side, rest assured your transition is sure to be smooth.

Give Karen a call today, for all your real estate needs.

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