Common Forms When Buying a Home


So everyone knows that buying a home comes with a lot of paperwork. Get ready to stretched your wrist .

 Although everyone knows there is a lot to sign, not everyone knows what all the documents typically are.

Home Buying process

  •  Real Estate Purchase Contract. 

This is the contract that governs the entire purchase of your home. When you buy a home, this is the document used to make your offer.

This is one of if not the most important document in the buying process.

  • Buyer-Broker Agreement

This is the document that allows your agent to represent you when buying a house. This agreement spells out exactly what the Realtors responsibilities are to you and creates the client/agent relationship.

  • FHA/VA Loan Addendum

For buyers using an FHA or VA loan, a specific addendum is required to be attached to any contract. In general, they cover pest inspections if necessary, closing costs, and repairs that may be required by the inspector.

  • Sellers Property Condition Disclosure

One of the first things you will receive after your offer is accepted is the Sellers Property Condition Disclosure. This is a lengthy questionnaire that the seller has to answer about the condition of just about every facet of the house. 

The Deed

The deed is a document you sign during settlement at the title company that transfers the property from one party to another. 

  • Bill of Sale

This document is used to transfer all the personal property that comes along with the house such as refrigerators, air conditioners, light fixtures, etc.

  • The Note

The Note is the evidence of your debt to the lender. This is the form that states all the terms of interest rate, changes, amount of money you owe, and how it is to be repaid. 

  • The Mortgage

The mortgage is your agreement to use the home you are purchasing as collateral for the loan you receive to buy the home. It also allows a lender to foreclose on your home should you not make payments.

  • Closing Disclosure

This is a form that is simple to read and meant to make sure you fully understand the terms of your mortgage before you finally go to sign. This is sent about a few days before you are ready to close on your house.

Well, every single different is unique and requires it's own custom set of documents to transfer the property smoothly. Remember when buying a home, 99% of the time it costs a buyer nothing to use a Realtor. A Realtor (like myself!) knows these documents inside and out and is prepared to make sure that you are protected throughout the home buying process.

Anastasia Lozhkina | REALTOR®




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