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Born and Raised in Chicago. It's no wonder Gabriel grew a deep inclination for a career in Real Estate. With as many historical architectural properties available in Chicago, it's hard not to fall in love. Some of his favorites are Second Empires (1870-1880), Victorians (1880-1910), Greystones (1890-1940), Chicago Bungalows (1910-mid 1930), and American Foursquares (1890s-1930s).

Seeing old spaces both preserved and renovated with modern features is an experience everyone should witness firsthand. It's a deep pleasantry to see both homeowners' and developers' visions of the perfect home transformed to tell their own unique stories.

Gabriel's passion for real estate, academic education, and licensure work combined make him a strong agent to represent each client. Gabriel holds a Bachelor's degree in both Business and Marketing. Is actively licensed in both Real Estate and Residential Appraisals and has a strong network in the mortgage lending industry.

So, whether you are looking to list your property, buy a home, relocate, or are just curious about the value of your property. Gabriel is ready to help! Contact him today to schedule a commitment-free consultation!

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