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Spanning three generations, our family has been in the residential real estate business since the 1960's. While a lot has changed in that time, our commitment to service and excellence has always been our top priority. As second and third generation professionals, The Cadwallader Group was founded nearly a decade ago upon this foundation of principles. With extensive marketing and advertising experience, we have developed over the past 25 years, a reputation for a "no-nonsense" approach to business that produces strong results. With a background in sales and financing, we have a passion for numbers and evaluating critical market data/trends.

The Cadwallader Group continues to provide a "welcome difference" in the real estate transaction. As always, we strongly feel that personal communication is paramount and the key to a successful transaction.

As a third generation real estate professional, I understand the quickly changing platform that both buyers and sellers are now using for real estate.

Sellers, you are expected to do more than ever to prepare you home for the market. With a strong home staging background and professional photography at my disposal, I am prepared to effectively guide you through the process of preparing & marketing your home for sale. Buyers are using the internet and mobile devises in new and exciting ways that include vast amounts of unfiltered information at their fingertips.

Buyers, I will help narrow your focus and find the right home that best fits your needs/wants within the price range you set.Whether it is qualifying internet photos, proximity to schools/shopping/etc. or simply deciding on which features of the home you'll use most, I will help provide information and guidance so you can make an informed decision about buying your next home.

I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your next real estate transaction.


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