5 Spring Cleaning Hacks


Spring is in the air, and so is spring cleaning season! Breeze through your spring cleaning to-do list with these five hacks to help you tackle chores faster and more efficiently.

Freshen up your garbage disposal
Your garbage disposal works hard for you; don't neglect it during spring cleaning! Clear away any bad smells and built-up residue by tossing ice, salt, and cut up citrus (orange or lemon are popular picks) down the disposal while it's turned on.

Wash windows when it's cloudy
Clean off window grime with an easy home-made solution of equal parts vinegar and warm water. Wait for a cloudy day to tackle this chore – sunshine can cause your windows to dry too quickly, leaving frustrating streaks on your newly-shined windows!

Banish stovetop grease with a single ingredient
Your stovetop is likely no stranger to oil and grease. Get rid of stubborn grease buildup with a single common kitchen ingredient: baking soda. Just sprinkle it on your stovetop and use a damp cloth to wipe it down. 

Dust blinds in half the time
Blinds can get grubby over time but dusting each blind on both sides is a chore. Use kitchen tongs to speed things up! Cover both sides of the tongs with a dryer sheet or cleaning cloth and secure with a rubber band or hair elastic. Clamp the tongs on a blind to clean both sides at the same time.

Bag your showerhead
Make your showerhead look brand new with just vinegar, a plastic sandwich bag, and a rubber band. Fill the bag with vinegar, place it under your showerhead, and secure with a rubber band or hair elastic. Leave the bag on for one hour and then wipe your showerhead down with a soft cloth to reveal a clean and shiny fixture!

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