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@properties shares our commitment to offering the most comprehensive and professional marketing, sophisticated technology, and expert market knowledge, supporting the highest standards of service and representation you expect and deserve. With local leadership and national and international reach, we bring results to clients wherever their buying and selling goals take them.

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Clients are saying:

"Empathy may or may not be a desirable quality in a Supreme Court Justice, but it is a trait to be treasured in a real estate agent. And empathy is the most pronounced attribute of Colleen Harper. In addition to tenacity, integrity and depth of knowledge about the market. Colleen naturally and comfortably puts herself in the shoes of her client, understanding their needs as a deeper level of feeling than what one might reasonably expect from a Realtor. In my own case, she listened, observed empathized and tracked town for me the home of my dreams. Since she has placed my wife and me in our "home for life' it's not at all likely that she will get any more of my business, sol, in appreciation for her good work on my behalf, I gladly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in search of a new home. Tom Burrell"

""When my fiancé and I were just in the browsing mode I found Colleen to be generous with her time and with her patience and this impressed me. Once it became obvious that we had decided to be serious buyers, her manner with us registered no significant change and that impressed me even more. From the beginning she was attentive, creative, accessible, and made you feel as if she was definitely on your side. This is always a bit of a balancing act in a dual-agency situation and she did it quite well. We fairly quickly bought our 'dream apartment.' Colleen continued to be a helpful conduit between ourselves and the developer. Enabling us to develop a good relationship has been an asset appreciated by both sides I believe." Lisa Stewart Turner"

"Colleen Harper took over my development Casablanca Lofts on Michigan Avenue project shortly before the crash of the Chicago market. Immediately several units were sold. She held solid to her commitment and finished by selling my last unit this past June. I would strongly recommend Colleen to be your Realtor. Sincerely Michael WierDeveloper Owner Krolls Restaurant South Loop & GreenbayBoard of Directors Greenbay Packers"

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