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For over 17 years Vicki has been fully committed to providing a level of service to her clients that consistently makes her a PREMIERE agent. Developers and investors rely upon Vicki for her ability to determine upcoming market trends, product feasibility and construction costs. Vicki has sold real estate in areas such as Niles, Morton Grove, Oak Park, Elmwood Park and in various Chicagoland areas like the Gold Coast, Lakeview, Logan Square, Rogers Park, Portage Park, Pilsen, Tri Taylor, South Loop and Galewood. Her commitment to excellence, her dedication and perseverance are prominent in everything she does. Her focused approach on analysis has set her above her peers. In addition to serving her clients, Vicki maintains her own business quite successfully and is consistently recognized as one of the top producers in Chicago. Vicki received a Bronze Medal award from CAR for volume of sales exceeding 14 Mil in 2003 and 2004. By listening to her clients and using her extensive knowledge of inventory, financing and contracts, she empowers her clients to make informed, satisfying decisions while helping them settle in their new environments. Her knowledge is not limited to selling and buying real estate. She has over 10 years experience in building and rehabbing as well as interior design, which makes her a true Real Estate Professional. Vicki believes that by working smart and truly listening to what her clients want, she can satisfy event the most discriminating ones.

Clients are saying:

"Moving to a new country can be a daunting and bewildering prospect. Especially in the depths of winter, when rental market pickings are thin on the ground. Vicki was the first person we met, in Chicago. She took us under her wing, showed us countless apartments and made us feel very welcome. We were choosy, and Vicki was patient and understanding.We found a wonderful place in Wicker Park that met all our requirements, and we are now settling in to our new home.Not only did we feel secure under Vickis expert guidance, but we also feel like we made a friend. Julia and Gavin, London."

"My girlfriend (at the time) and I were referred to Vicki Jako by our mortgage officer. I had been a homeowner for some time and working with a real estate agent was not a new experience to me. But it was not until we met Vicki that I realized how important having the right real estate agent is. I had purchased my first place in the city of Chicago when I was 25 and my experience with my real estate agent at the time were that it was the necessary evil in the process of home searching. Vicki completely changed this viewpoint and boy am I glad our paths crossed. The first impression Vicki made on us was how personable and approachable she was. Our dealings quickly grew into a wonderful friendship, which made the grueling process of home searching very stress-free. Vicki stuck with us through 4 months of very active property search. At times we felt discouraged and outright skeptical as the real estate market in Chicago was going through a Renaissance and coupled with that nationwide interest rates had spiked the most in recent years. On a few occasions we even felt that our expectations and hopes were dashed and maybe we had missed the right opportunity. But there was Vicki, ready for us the following weekend with another batch of scheduled visits. To educate us better about the Chicago real estate market Vicki even introduced us to areas that we were not very familiar with, which helped us learn more about the City and ultimately made it much more clear where we wanted to live long-term. Vicki was not only instrumental in helping us find the right place, but was extremely helpful in the price negotiation effort. We consulted with her on all matters during negations and asked for her opinion every step of the way and acted as she recommended. In those moments I truly appreciated having someone so experienced and seasoned in the Chicago real estate market as Vicki. At the end of the day all ended well for my fiancé (I had proposed in the process) and I. We closed on a great two-bedroom unit overlooking the Magnificent Mile and the Water Tower historic district. As a sign of our gratitude for Vickis effort and friendship we invited Vicki and her husband to share with us our wedding night on December 14, 2014. Vicki, you can download a picture of you, Mile, Ina, and I from the wedding night. Feel free to use it as you wish. Bye https://www.facebook.com/SteveDekuPhotography/photos/a.467863746651881.1073741873.261277003977224/467884439983145/?type=1&theater"

"Gina Mastrangeli has completed the @properties Client Satisfaction Survey for Vicki Jako-Ostojic, and the feedback is included below. Please note that for Questions 2 - 5, the numerical amounts range from 1 - 5, where 5 is the best rating possible.What was your PRIMARY reason for selecting your agent?The InternetHow satisfied were you with the knowledge and professionalism provided by your agent?5How satisfied were you with the quality and frequency of communication provided by your agent?5How satisfied were you with the assistance your agent provided in negotiating the price/terms of sale?5How satisfied were you with the marketing provided by your agent?5Given the opportunity, how likely would you be to recommend the services of your agent to a friend, neighbor or relatives?5"

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