Jill + Jill Group

Jill + Jill Group


2571 Waukegan Rd.
Bannockburn, IL 60015

The Jill and Jill Group brings enthusiastic energy, out of the box thinking and real time solutions to their real estate practice. Their extensive network of industry insiders gives them a competitive advantage when it comes time to buying or selling your home.  Leveraging the cutting-edge technology made available to them by @properties, they also bring to the table statistically proven results. Understanding that sellers only get one chance to make a first impression guides their pricing and staging strategies as they prepare the home to go to market.  Quick to thoughtfully adopt new technology as the industry evolves, the Jill's are considered the gold standard of the industry. 

Call them today at 847-814-0333 (Jill B.) or 847-710-7770 (Jill E.).

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