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My name is Saman Sardari. I was born in Los Angeles and have family there! I have lived in Tehran (Iran) for 13 years of my life and moved back to the USA when I was 16 years old for school. At the age of 19, I became a real estate broker in Indianapolis while I was in college triple majoring in management, international studies, and HR. I speak three languages (English, Persian, and Spanish). I started very young in the real estate industry and have absolutely no regrets!!! I have sold residential and commercial buildings through the city of Indianapolis and manage a great investment portfolio for myself. I am very knowledgeable about return on investment, cap rates, and remodeling places that could produce income for investors. Besides the investing side and numbers game in real estate, I also help clients find their dream home! With negotiation strategies and having experience since 2013, I manage to help my clients to achieve their real estate goals! I am dual licensed in Illinois and Indiana, and I dominate markets in Chicago and Indianapolis! The Chicago market is extremely an exciting and intriguing market! Every neighborhood has its own charm and character! I am a people person and sometimes I get to know my clients very well and based on their character and personality I can recommend what neighborhood they would really enjoy living in! I am a great listener and do not sugarcoat things as my job is to educate my clients and guide them to achieve their real estate goals! While working for clients I try to make it fun and turn it into a fun experience rather than talking business all the time! Sometimes after showing places to some of my buyers, I encourage them to grab lunch with me afterward in the neighborhood of their interest so they can deeply feel connected and know how it's like to be a local in that specific neighborhood! After all, real estate should be fun and adventurous! Who you work with truly matters!!!

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