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A native of Eastern Europe, Anastasia grew up surrounded by Trade Entrepreneur and Economic family and learned how to sell handmade pie and get a deal from it at the tender age of 5.

She studied at Ukrainian Police & Law School and graduated from the culinary school in Chicago, Illinois. You always are expected to have delightful treats for the open house.

Most importantly, Anastasia understands how demanding the search for a perfect property can be, and she takes the utmost pride in seeing her clients through the finish line.

She has lived in some of the most exciting cities in the states within 10 years of living in the U.S.

She is passionate about supporting children and animals. A cat lover and self-described cat's mom, Anastasia loves the outdoors, trees and all things beautiful and earthly. Anastasia trains daily and practices yoga.
She is a hard-working, kind-hearted and proud American citizen!

Why to work with Anastasia Lozhkina:

Top Advantages for our Investors: 

  • Specialize in locating, evaluating and negotiating investment property opportunities for the
    real estate clients.
  • Innovative marketing strategies
  • Real Estate Investment Calculation and analysis 


Top Advantages for our sellers: 


  • Connected with all brokers to match your home with a prospective buyer.
  • Provided valuable exposure during a time when most listings are not being marketed.
  • Test the market at the certain price prior to listing publicly. 
  • Using Hi-Tech to help you sell houses quickly


Top advantages for our buyers: 


  • Connected with all brokers to match your needs with properties that are not yet on the market. 
  • Early opportunity to view and purchase during the time when others are waiting for the properties. 
  • In the market with low inventory we give our buyers the potential to avoid the multiple-offer situation. 
  • Great knowledge about negotiating tactics

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