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I am a native of Evanston and 7 year Uptown resident that has spent most of my life cultivating a personal and professional relationship with Chicagoland.  I joined the @ family in the fall of 2009.  Ever since I have strived to ensure that all of my clients have a real estate experience that helps them fall in love with Chicagoland the same way I have.  Whether it is getting a seller the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time or making sure a buyer ends up in a home that suits all of their needs within their budget, I am resolute in my commitment that my clients' experience is an efficient, effective, and positive one.  I firmly believe that my clients deserve a relationship with their agent that extends beyond the close of a transaction.   Total care means being a knowledge and referral source, not just a transactional advisor.  The Zupancic Group, of which I am a member, is dedicated to providing that total care to our clients and has nearly a century of combined experience in real estate.

I earned a B.A. in English Literature from Denison University in 1999. From there I turned my eyes skyward.  After finishing the Professional Pilot Program at Delta Connection Academy near the top of my class, I subsequently served as both a flight and ground school instructor.  I then headed to the airlines where I spent most of my 5 year career based out of JFK Airport in New York.  While vastly different in execution I see the key principles that make a safe flight and a successful real estate transaction as being quite similar:  Sound fundamental knowledge, an awareness of the surrounding environment, and a plan for all contingencies.  In my tenure in the aviation industry I learned the ability to work in high pressure, high risk environments, and to absorb all the information around me.  As a broker, I have spent the last 12 years adapting and honing those skills for this industry.  It is my job to serve as co-pilot to my clients and arm them with the market understanding and professional support necessary to safely navigate their transaction.

At the core of a stable real estate market is a healthy and vibrant community.  Giving back to the town from which I have so greatly benefited is important to me.  To that end, I serve as President Emeritus of the ETHS Foundation board and as a general member of the Youth and Opportunity United board.

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