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Here are the benefits of working with a real estate broker

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018 at 03:21 pm

With dozens of online resources and seemingly endless TV shows about real estate, it's not surprising some people consider a DIY approach when buying or selling a home.

But the journey to a successful home sale or purchase can be overwhelming, especially with the amount of information available to consumers. Here are five reasons why a real estate broker is an indispensable partner throughout the process.

Local Experience

No amount of online research can match an experienced broker's "in the trenches" understanding of what's happening in the market today. Real estate markets are always changing, and trends matter most at the micro level – neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block.

Good brokers are so plugged into the market, that understanding and accounting for trends is innate. This level of knowledge is particularly important when setting a listing price or making an offer.

Marketing Exposure

We always say exposure is everything, and brokers are able to generate more exposure for properties through industry resources like the Multiple Listing Service.

When you work with an @properties broker, you simultaneously gain access to a full suite of marketing resources – from award-winning advertising to print and digital marketing. In addition, cutting-edge technology tools like the exclusive interactive CMA and the @gent app give buyers and sellers a competitive edge.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiating is a skill that's practiced every day in real estate. And like any skill, it improves the more you learn. At @properties, we continually offer education and training classes on a wide range of topics including – you guessed it! – negotiation strategies to ensure our brokers are in the best position to help achieve your goals.

Not only will a broker negotiate on your behalf; they can also give you a completely objective and professional opinion, which is very important when buying or selling something as personal as a home.


Real estate is a business built on relationships. That means brokers are constantly networking with other brokers, and in many cases, have access to listings before they are even on the market. Your broker can also recommend a number of other experienced professionals including real estate attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, service providers for repairs, and more.

Guidance and Support

At the end of the day, a broker is there to guide you every step of the way. There is so much more to each transaction than most clients realize – even those who have bought and sold before – and no two transactions are alike.

Your broker will bring all of the above benefits to the table, but will also help you successfully navigate all the other steps, including prepping your home for sale, knowing what to look for in your new home, partnering with your attorney and other providers to ensure your interests are protected, keeping all parties focused on the desired outcome…and so on.

Buying or selling a home is exciting but can also be stressful.  Let your broker manage the process so you can relax and look forward to a successful outcome!

Summer Festivals

Friday, 05 May 2017 at 01:01 pm

So many things are happening in and around Chicago this summer!  Check out this great guide and find out what's happening by you!

Summer Festival Guide

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The Hygge Manifesto: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017 at 03:00 pm


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7 things to do in November in Chicago

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2016 at 11:07 am

One of the best things about Chicago is that there are events going on in the city year-round. Even in November, you have the option to stuff your face at a food-themed fest or live it up at a whiskey-themed fest. Continue reading to check out some of the best events taking place in Chicago this November.

Things to do in November in Chicago



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Haunted Houses

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016 at 10:31 am

Without a doubt, one of the best things about fall is Halloween. An excuse to consume seriously unhealthy amounts of candy? Yes, please. Aside from the costumes and candy, Halloween also provides us with fun in the form of haunted houses. Check out our list of haunted houses in the area and make sure you get to one while they are still in season!


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