Thomas Downing

Thomas Downing

Designated Managing Broker, VP of Brokerage Services                         

Successfully Sell Your Home with Thomas.

Thomas provides home sellers the guidance and tools necessary to sell their homes in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price possible.  With detailed knowledge of the maketplace, and a strong home-staging background, he advises clients on how to make their home attractive to potential buyers.  His extensive referral network allows him to bring buyers and sellers together effectively.  Supported by a deep knowledge of marketing, advertising, cutting-edge technology available and @properties brand recognition as the #1 brokerage in Illinois, Thomas is the partner you need when selling your home.  Find out what your home may be worth here!

What makes working with Thomas better?


There are three basic reasons to hire him as your listing agent:

  1. EXPERT NEGOTIATOR  He knows how buyers think and can negotiate very effectively against them. He has been successfully negotiating contracts for over 25 years and has used these skills to get the best terms for his clients.  Thomas signifcantly beats the industry average - you have the best chace to sell your home quicker and for more money.
  2. SUCCESSFUL HOME STAGING /MARKETING  He is a home investor too and know homes from the ground up.  He has bought and sold homes that needed to be transformed in order to sell.  He is proud that they have even been featured in regional magazines. He knows what gets buyers excited about a home and can do the same for your home - often at little to no additonal cost to you!
  3. HONEST PASSION  He has an honest passion for what he does and it comes across in his success for his clients. He knows that his business is almost exclusively reliant on referrals. His effectiveness in both marketing your home and negotiating the final contract has resulted in 100% satisfaction ratings from his clients.