Inspections Issues? I can help!

Home inspections are a necessary part of the homebuying process so that the Buyer is aware of the inner workings of the home they are buying and to discover any defects in the home of which the seller is not aware. It is the home inspector's job to provide a list of items that are not perfect within the house. He does this to help the Buyer understand all of the big and little issues of the home.

No Home is Perfect. The spirit behind the home inspection is to help the buyer and seller discuss Health and Safety Issues related to the home. The smaller issues are intended to be a "just be aware" to the buyer.

The inspection process has the potential to be equally as nerve-racking for the buyer as it is for the seller. I view this part of the homebuying and homeselling process as MY job to help all of the parties associated with the deal understand what issues should be discussed, and maybe even negotiated, between the buyer and the seller. MY job is not over when the Contract is signed.

All too often we hear the stories of the "laundry list", or that a sale fell apart because of the inspection. There is no reason for this. An inspection is not a pass-fail test, and every home will have flaws, many of these may be relatively minor. MY job is to help separate "nice-to-repair" items from "must-repair" defects.

For example, an inspection is not the time to worry about small details like a cracked electrical outlet cover. I've contracts fall apart over minor things that could have been fixed with a trip to the hardware store.

Buyers and Sellers will mutually reach their goals of a successful home transaction if they are reasonable in their discussions/demands as a result of the home inspection. You can trust me to handle these communications efficiently and to do the homework necessary for a rewarding homebuying and homeselling experience.