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Jaclyn Truax



As a seasoned real estate agent with an in-depth understanding of the Metro Detroit market, I possess comprehensive knowledge of various locations and price points. My expertise allows me to craft compelling offers that safeguard my clients' best interests while ensuring their goals are met.

Client satisfaction is paramount to me, and I prioritize active listening to understand your objectives. I am committed to promptly showcasing homes that align with your criteria and providing unwavering support throughout the entire process, from viewing to closing and beyond. Rest assured, my dedication extends beyond the transaction, as I remain accessible to address any post-closing needs.

My approach is rooted in genuine care for my clients' aspirations, placing their needs above all else, even if it means sacrificing financial gain. Additionally, I maintain a robust network of reputable businesses, including lenders, inspectors, and cleaning services, ready to assist you as needed.

Communication is key, and I pride myself on being easily accessible and responsive, ensuring timely and clear correspondence. Furthermore, I am proactive in uncovering off-market opportunities and will offer transparent guidance to streamline your home search, alleviating unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

By setting realistic expectations and providing proactive market insights, I strive to empower my clients, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence. Trust in my commitment to deliver exceptional service tailored to your unique needs, backed by my dedication to your success in the Metro Detroit real estate market.

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