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Jennifer Baustad



Introducing Jennifer Baustad, a Chicago real estate authority, charting a course through the dynamic landscapes of residential properties on the vibrant North Shore and bustling heart of Chicago. With nearly two decades of experience as a Broker Associate, Jennifer brings a level of knowledge and insight that is unmatched.

Prior to her career in real estate, Jennifer earned her stripes with a B.B.A. in Business Administration from Loyola University. In her previous role as a technology consultant, she impressed clients with her software expertise, spending eight exhilarating years crafting solutions for prestigious Big Six consulting firms and their clientele.

What truly sets Jennifer apart is her unique blend of experience and personality – a fusion of energy, warmth, and wit. She's dedicated to reshaping the real estate journey, believing that working with an advisor shouldn't feel like a chore. Jennifer's exceptional sales prowess, technical finesse, and approachable demeanor seamlessly transform the real estate process into an enjoyable experience.

Residing in Evanston with her family, Jennifer not only excels in the real estate arena but also immerses herself in the lakefront and the countless activities that make the Chicago Metro area such an incredible place to live. Prepare for a captivating real estate journey with Jennifer – where expertise meets boundless enthusiasm!


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