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John knows how to get the most money for your home, plain and simple. In fact, that's his specialty. A prestigious homeowner in the neighborhood, he knows the value of this area better than anyone.

John also knows that selling a home is a decision you make not only for yourself but for your family. John's family is truly the most important thing to him and he particularly values this part of your decision-making process.

House-wise and data-smart, he knows you have to have built a house to know one. Rehabbed a house to understand one. And because John has done both, his experience lets him answer questions you might not even know you had!

He also knows that at any given moment during the selling process, you'll need a voice of wisdom, reason and experience. And you'll need it atyourconvenience. Real Estate is John's full time job. There is no competition for his time and attention. You have it all. Because you deserve it.

Welcome to the John Coleman Group.


What Makes the John Coleman Group Stand Out?

  • We are a Multi-Million Dollar Producer & Top Producing Group as noted by the Chicago Association of Realtors.

  • We love what we do, and we believe it shows. It is a pleasure to be of service to our clients. And we have had some of the most amazing clients!

  • Our depth of experience: Whether it's a single-family home, condo conversion or rehab, you can take full advantage of our deep knowledge of zoning, building materials and general construction issues.
  • That depth of experience and knowledge helps us know the best ways to support our clients from beginning to "Sold!". There are so many parts of the process, especially contract negotiations. After 15 years of being a full time agent, we are able to guide you to what is and isn't possible, saving you time, money and unnecessary stress.

  • The John Coleman Group is professional, detail-oriented and customer service focused. What are the benefits of having a group? Simple. It means you have more people looking out for you at every stage of the process, including more people available for showings! More showings equals more opportunities to find the perfect buyer for your property.

  • Our duties to you are confidentiality, disclosure, loyalty, obedience, accountability, skill and care. When was the last time you heard an agent talk about their duties to you?

  • A member of the LGBT family.


 *John Coleman “ avg 96.9% SP/OP  and avg 29 DOM |Chicago Avg “ avg 94.9% SP/OP and avg 91 DOM| Source: MRED LLC, AgentMetrics, Chicago residential, 2/1/14 to 2/28/15

Fun Facts About Me

$116+million sold

98% of list price
Average list to sale price

10 days on market
Average days on market

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