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Buying and selling a home is an enormous investment decision. We all want a successful financial transaction. I promise you I can deliver that. To date, I have sold nearly $200 million of real estate on the NorthShore of Chicago.

But, I am also a resource for helping you make a successful transition into your new life whether that results from expanded families, new marriages, retirements, changing education needs and so much more. Being part of this community for more than 25 years, I am able to help you find the right place and people for any situation.

Beyond Determination, Experience and Listening skills. In a recent survey my clients also said that they appreciated the unique combination of proven skills, specifically:

· Nearly $200M Real Estate Sold - the drive, confidence, and track record of negotiating the best price through all types of economic conditions.

· North Shore Market Expertise - the insight about the things that make this community so valuable.

· 20+ years Corporate Marketing / Consulting Experience. – the professional know-how to position, promote, price and negoiate.

· Chicago Booth MBA - with concentrations in Finance & Marketing, I understand the bigger picture.

· Solid knowledge of financial vehicles and interest rates – providing you reliable advice during these rapidly changing financial times.

· 10 free hours of professional home staging - my clients are always surprised how staging a property adds tremendous value.


When life changes and you need to buy or sell your luxury home on the North Shore and want results, contact Lyn Flannery.

Voted 5 Star Agent 2012-2023
Based on Client Satisfaction

Top 5% Sales Volume 2020 - 2022
Sales Volume in North Shore Dist.

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