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Tim Sinclair



Though best known for being the public address voice of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire and Illinois basketball, Tim never planned to work behind a microphone. He was supposed to be an architect. In fact, in high school, Tim spent countless hours drafting floor plans and then watching those designs come to life at construction sites throughout Central Illinois.

Despite going on to study architecture at the University of Illinois, Tim also discovered he had a passion for media and communication. Ultimately, a part-time job at a local radio station during college led to a nearly 20 year career in the industry. Along the way, Tim learned many lessons that have proven critical to a career in real estate, including how to creatively communicate and effectively negotiate.

While he's still the voice of the Bulls, Bears, Fire and Illini, Tim now spends the rest of his time helping people make the greatest of memories as they buy and/or sell their home. If you or someone you know is in the market, make sure to call or email Tim -- "Chicago's Real Estate Voice."



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