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Integrity, proactivity, and a true spirit of service are the driving forces behind how I do business in Real Estate. It is my firm belief that a little positivity and a lot of hard work produce amazing results in all things. I would love to show you how adherence to these guiding principles leads to better transactions, and happier clients!

Born and rased in Indiana, I am proud to have called Indianapolis my home for the past 12 years. I have resided in several different areas of the country, but nowhere has ever made me feel as at home as I do in Indy. I absolutely love this city! When I am not busy being a Realtor, you can find me bicycling around town, at home tending to my houseplants and garden, or just hanging out with my pups.

Before becoming a Realtor, I spent 20 years working in the restaurant industry as a professional chef, culinary educator, manager, and bartender. During that time, my singular focus was providing the best possible service to every guest that walked in the door, no matter how much effort was required. I treat real estate the exact same way. The only question is: How can I best serve you in your next real estate transaction?


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