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Kevin Baum



My path has shaped me into the resourceful, strategic, and results-driven agent you need. For nearly two decades I thrived in high-pressure environments, growing small businesses into industry leaders, and today I translate those experiences into an unwavering commitment to my clients.

My simple, thorough, 10-step buyer's and seller's journeys are designed to protect my clients' interests and minimize risk. If you read my Google and Zillow reviews you'll see that as their champion I work tirelessly to create opportunities, secure on-time closings, and routinely exceed expectations.

You'll also see that through tailored strategy, proactive, effective communication, and expert negotiation, I empower my clients to navigate their moves – however complex - with ease.

I am driven by high standards and integrity; I strive to be the best and treat everyone with the respect I show my own family. Collaboration is a responsibility I value deeply, and as your representative I dedicate myself to your success and achievement of your goals.

My promise to you is that this isn't simply a transaction, it's a transformation. By leveraging my skills and competitive market positioning practices you'll move strategically, negotiate skillfully, and ultimately, emerge from this process not only with a new address, but with a renewed sense of security and accomplishment.


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