Hinsdale's Il Poggiolo Ristorante Brings Homemade Italian Into Focus!

Hinsdale's Il Poggiolo Ristorante Brings Homemade Italian Into Focus 

by Paul Mancini



Il Poggiolo Ristorante brings the rich flavors of Italian cuisine to Hinsdale residents. Situated in the heart of downtown Hinsdale, Il Poggiolo has become known for homemade plates of pasta, stellar steaks and a dining vibe that echoes the pricier venues of Chicago proper. The white table cloths, quiet glasses of wine and amber lighting, woo Il Poggiolo's customers with a mix of steak house chic and local bistro flavor.

One patron recalls, "...lovely on the inside, this place is truly a gem in the heart of Hinsdale." Another state, "Fantastic food. All the pastas are homemade!" Opt for Il Poggiolo's "Fungi Polenta" if you're wary of sameness. The corn-based dish is made with a tantalizing blend of Marsala roasted mushrooms, creamy cornmeal, Pecorino cheeses, a balsamic reduction and crispy crusts of grilled bread. Pasta gets seasonal with Il Poggiolo's "Caramelle," featuring butternut squash and ricotta pasta wraps, sultry with brown butter, fresh sage and Amaretti crumbs for added flavor.

If you are really hungry, try the "Rigatoni" made hearty with house-made sausage as its main ingredient, bandied deliciously about in a light tomato cream sauce, peas and shavings of Parmigiano cheese. But if you would rather bite into a slice of good artisan pizza, Il Poggiolo will awe and satisfy with offerings like the "Carne," featuring sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, calabrese, and smoked mozzarella. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ilpoggiolohinsdale.com/. The eatery is located at 8 E 1st Street if you want to stop by for a bite.