Home Staging

staging your home

Home Staging is an Important Part of the Home Selling Process

Image is incredibly important when preparing to show your home to buyers. Staging your home is the practice of creating a "flow" by eliminating clutter or rearranging the furniture. Often, just by making small changes, the home becomes more appealing to the eye.  Try to see your home through the buyer's eyes - remember you have an emotional attachment to your home. I can offer you third party insight in how to improve the look of your home and see things that you may miss. 

Important open spaces

  • Make sure you have clear paths into all your rooms
  • Remove clutter that gives a crowded appearance 
  • Buyers should be able walk freely through every room in the house
  • Remember, less is more

Let there be lots of light

  • Natural light will give the interior of your home a bright, cheerful feel
  • Leave your shades and drapes open, clean windows and move furniture that may be blocking the view  

Pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Take down all magnets and school papers from your refrigerator, clean major appliances, and clear off your countertops 
  • Allow prospective buyers to imagine what it would look like if they lived there
  • Create curb appeal. Making sure the outside of your home is attractive is a great first step in getting buyers to look at the inside

Did you know that you can decrease the time on market and increase the sale price of your home when you stage it to sell? From the day that your house goes on the market to the day it closes, your property needs to be in "Selling Shape".

You and your family will have to cope with some inconveniences and make the transition to thinking about your house as a property and not a home. This can be frustrating if you're still living in your house, but the effort is well worth it.  It's important to begin thinking about your house as a property and not a home.

Home staging is designed to market and sell your home in a way that's appealing to the largest buyer audience possible. Staging uses simple design principles, and may radically alter the way that your home is arranged and decorated.  Part of my expertise is in helping sellers get their home ready for the market.