The Future is Today: Wired Homes

What Are Wired / Automated Homes?

Many people have heard about the concept of wired homes but they don't necessarily understand all that it involves. Simply put, to be "wired" is to have your home controlled by computer systems.  It involves integrating your home systems - that provides security, peace of mind and convenience, plus the ability to simplify life. Also, in today's real estate market, these systems can really add value to your home!

Examples of Wired Controls

Communications controls- This covers your phone systems and intercoms that allow internal and external communications.

Access controls - These give you the ability to gain access to your home, including driveway gates, security keypads, electronic locks, etc.

Lighting devices and sensors - These allow you to pre-set, or detect motion or light, & activate the internal and external lights of your home to turn on, off, dim, or brighten, whenever you wish.

Audio/video control systems - Systems that control your home theater, audio and video systems.

Control devices and sensors - These are modules, devices, and sensors that activate a light, an appliance or system.

Security systems - From home alarm systems to child tracking devices, these products help make your home safer.


Home theater/satellites -These products provide the ultimate in home entertainment. They usually include a large theatre style TV, a superb surround sound system, and satellite dish providing access to more TV channels than cable.

HVAC and energy management systems - This covers heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems that work well with automation, providing the homeowner with the maximum comfort. The system controls the timing, temperature and ventilation control.

Motorized devices - These devices can open and close your garage doors or blinds, etc. at just the right time.

Whole-house control systems - When you want to be able to control and automate many systems in your home, consider getting a whole house control system.

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