Make Your Home Look Classier


Update your home without looking cheap is totally doable on a budget. 

If you want to add some extra class to your home, taking on a DIY project can give you that extra sense of style while saving money. Here are some fast, easy and affordable projects you can do on your own to make our home look classier. By the way, these improvements will also help your home sell faster if you're in the market!

1. Replace Light Fixtures 

Replacing an old light fixture with a more elegant one is an easy way to shift the ambiance of a room. By adding a sophisticated light fixture, you can control the intensity of the light and character of your room. You don't need to pay a ton of money for expensive new fixtures - you can buy used fixtures online if you want a vintage look. 

2. Floating Shelves can do Wonders

Install floating shelves in your home. They combine the functionality of extra storage space while adding a bit of style. Floating shelves can be mounted in different patterns, and they come in various materials to give each room a unique touch. For a small room you should choose shallow shelves to display framed photos; for a larger room you should use deeper shelves to hold vases, books and trinkets. 

3. Paint an Accent Wall 

Painting an accent wall can add a nice pop of color and showcase some personality. This is usually a low-risk project, a homeowner of any skill level can tackle this project in a day. You just need some painter's tape, a brush and the color that suits you! Just make sure the color you choose is complementary with the other colors in the room. Stay consistent between warm and cool tones. 

4. Use Decorative Molding 

By adding decorative molding around your home, you add an extra touch of elegance. Install the molding to your ceiling by capping walls, columns and cabinets, or add chair molding lower to the ground. With detailed molding you can add character to your rooms while also making them feel taller and more finished.


5. Create a Stone Fire Pit 

Take your new, chic style outside by building a stone fire pit in your backyard. This can be created in a few hours by  taking uniquely shaped rocks or stones and putting them together to create a functional and stylish fire pit. Before starting the project, be sure to check your local fire codes or homeowners association to ensure you are safe and allowed to start building. 

Adding a touch of class to your home does not have to break your bank! Just be sure to start with one project at a time, allowing yourself to complete one before starting the next. Contact me if you'd like to know how much value one of these improvements will add to your home!